Correlated Colour Temperature (CCT)


Correlated Colour Temperature generally known as CCT, in lighting terms, refers to the appearance colour of a light source in relation to the appearance of an incandescent light source, maintained at a specific temperature, measured in kelvin (K). The Correlated Colour Temperature of a luminaire is visually translated by its colour, being that when the light is closer to yellow it is considered warmer (lower values on kelvin’s scale); and when it is close to blue it is considered colder (higher values on kelvin’s scale).






Light causes sensations to everyone involved. Different types of lighting cause different types of sensations. The effect of light in human beings is scientifically proven and can be a reason for good or bad being depending on its correct dimensioning.
The concern with this impact of light on the human being is a priority in what is classified as Human centric Lighting.