Light Design

A well-lit room is extremely important since we spent much of our time indoors with artificial light. The low light in the environment we are in may cause fatigue and discomfort when performing some tasks and have lots of light does not mean that an environment is well lit, and by that, there is the possibility of wasting energy. The uniform distribution and proper lighting level are ideal for any location.

But how can you get the proper lighting for a specific location? The answer is simple, through a lighting study using simulation software. With this tool, it’s possible to guarantee that the lighting quality, the luminous intensity and the light uniformity are the most suitable to perform some tasks in a precise area, by analysing several factors, such as the reflections and shadows in the ceilings, walls and pavements.



estudos luminotecnicos 3.png


In a business environment, a project developed under a lighting study and LED light fitting, has numerous advantages for all. In addition to the energy saving and a higher light efficiency, having a proper lighting promotes the increase of productivity and safety in the workplace, and positively influences the consumer's buying decision.

Brilumen has a technical department with engineers and designers who are able to provide the right and demanding technical support to all customers who want to use our brand in their projects. This highly specialized team develops LED lighting studies using the most advanced software on the market, to accurately simulate the finalized room lighting result. It also provides all the recommendations, documentation (Datasheets, IES and LDT files) and implementation details required to install the selected products.


LED Lighting Study example from Brilumen: