Oris SLIM Pro+
With a minimalist design, this light fixture was designed for refined spaces, where lighting is discreet, but efficient.
ORIS 50mm Low Glare+
A light fixture with an elegant and discreet design.
A New Range of Circular Luminaires
Brilumen | Light + Building 2020+
Due to the global concern regarding the coronavirus outbreak, Brilumen unfortunately announces that we will no longer be attending.
REVO | Trunking System+
REVO | Trunking System
track lights SPAR | 25W & 32W+
SPAR Efficiency | Art & Fashion | Gold, Meat, Fish
PROLINER | A 48V LED light system within magnetic tracks.+
New range of PROLINER LED luminaires in magnetic tracks
A versatile downlight that turns into a directional projector
A low voltage track lights system on magnetic tracks.
PROLINER | a LED light system in magnetic tracks+
New range of LED luminaires in magnetic tracks
IRIS IP65 | Waterproof Linear LED Light+
New range of tubular LED waterproof lighting
REVO | Trunking System+
A tailor-made LED trunking solution for retail environment
IRIS | 360º linear LED Light+
New offer of 360º LED tubular lighting
ORIS+ Modular+
Black & White finishes
SIFTOS | Waterproof Fixture+
SIFTOS Efficiency | High Performance
TREV system+
A tailor-made LED trunking solution for retail environment
Aluminium Profiles for LED Strip+
Professional use 24h/day + Reliable quality + Unlimited Variety of Designs
"Human Centric Lighting"+
A new smart lighting concept
ORIS+ | New Linear LED Light | Efficiency, High Performance, Modular+
ORIS+ Efficiency | High Performance | Modular
Linear LED Light mounted on track | SOTIS & IRIS+
Linear profiles SOTIS & IRIS mounted on track
New range of Flood Lights Ellington+
Ellington 50W - 100W - 150W - 200W - 300W
New range of track lights SPAR | 25W & 32W+
SPAR Efficiency | Art & Fashion | Gold, Meat, Fish
Downlight with 18W and CRI +90
Brilumen @ Light + Building 2018+
We would like to invite you to visit us on 18-23 of March 2018 at hall 4.2 stand B38
Square Downlight without trims
Track Lights+
Now you can get the right luminous flux, an excellent colour temperature and a low UGR.
Waterproof Fixture Siftos+
3 Models Available: High Performance | Efficiency | T8 Aluminium
Merry Christmas+
Brilumen wishes you a Merry Christmas with exceptional discounts!
Oris 50mm+
Linear LED Light | Oris Efficiency - High Performance - Trimless Fitting Accessory
Tinker Bell Mini Spot+
Thanks to its small size, with this mini spot it’s possible to create numerous designs on the ceiling/wall
Trimless Fitting Accessory+
Construct continuous, embedded and no-trims light lines up to 5,90 meters
Monet Downlight Trimless+
Aluminium light fitting without trims, easy to install and perfect to recess in false ceilings
Miró Square Downlight+
The downlight that all architects and designers should put in their projects
Sotis LED Profile+
Profile with only 35mm wide, that allows you to mount light lines up to 3.09 meters without joining.
Linear LED Light Iris+
An elegant light fixture with a minimalist design that can be suspended horizontally or vertically
LED Profile ORIS High Performance+
Light lines up to 5.90 meters without joining and luminous flux up to 40,248 lm
New Product Catalogue+
Quality LED lighting solutions, combining modern design with the latest technology. V.1 2018
Track Lights+
Get the right luminous flux, an excellent colour temperature and a low UGR for any place
Emergency Lighting FOLLOW ME+
The solution that perfectly combines the functionality and the aesthetics like no other equivalent product
Savage 8W+
Last generation downlight with 5 years warranty, Philips LED and Tridonic driver
Industrial Lighting Fixture SIFTOS+
Brilumen presents its latest innovation 100% European and with 5 Years Warranty
Matrix 40W+
Known as the best LED panel on the market with a 5 Year Warranty and UGR lower than 19
LED Profiles +
Brilumen presents a LED profiles collection that will help you to create the desired environment.
Brilumen's Outdoor Lighting+
Outdoor lighting fixtures made of a noble aluminium alloy or 316 steel
Brilumen introduces the Innovative TYSON+
Powerful, efficient and versatile Long-range LED floodlights up to 1000W. Unique on the market.
IRIS | Linear LED Light+
Elegant and perfect linear LED light with a minimalist design
Downlight with 5 Year Warranty and CRI higher than 85