DISCOVERY Brilumen’s new industrial lighting High Bay.
Oris SLIM Pro+
With a minimalist design, this light fixture was designed for refined spaces, where lighting is discreet, but efficient.
ORIS 50mm Low Glare+
A light fixture with an elegant and discreet design.
A New Range of Circular Luminaires
Brilumen | Light + Building 2020+
Due to the global concern regarding the coronavirus outbreak, Brilumen unfortunately announces that we will no longer be attending.
REVO | Trunking System+
REVO | Trunking System
track lights SPAR | 25W & 32W+
SPAR Efficiency | Art & Fashion | Gold, Meat, Fish
PROLINER | A 48V LED light system within magnetic tracks.+
New range of PROLINER LED luminaires in magnetic tracks
A versatile downlight that turns into a directional projector
A low voltage track lights system on magnetic tracks.
PROLINER | a LED light system in magnetic tracks+
New range of LED luminaires in magnetic tracks
IRIS IP65 | Waterproof Linear LED Light+
New range of tubular LED waterproof lighting
REVO | Trunking System+
A tailor-made LED trunking solution for retail environment
IRIS | 360º linear LED Light+
New offer of 360º LED tubular lighting
ORIS+ Modular+
Black & White finishes
SIFTOS | Waterproof Fixture+
SIFTOS Efficiency | High Performance
TREV system+
A tailor-made LED trunking solution for retail environment
Aluminium Profiles for LED Strip+
Professional use 24h/day + Reliable quality + Unlimited Variety of Designs
"Human Centric Lighting"+
A new smart lighting concept
ORIS+ | New Linear LED Light | Efficiency, High Performance, Modular+
ORIS+ Efficiency | High Performance | Modular
Linear LED Light mounted on track | SOTIS & IRIS+
Linear profiles SOTIS & IRIS mounted on track
New range of Flood Lights Ellington+
Ellington 50W - 100W - 150W - 200W - 300W
New range of track lights SPAR | 25W & 32W+
SPAR Efficiency | Art & Fashion | Gold, Meat, Fish
Downlight with 18W and CRI +90
Brilumen @ Light + Building 2018+
We would like to invite you to visit us on 18-23 of March 2018 at hall 4.2 stand B38
Square Downlight without trims
Track Lights+
Now you can get the right luminous flux, an excellent colour temperature and a low UGR.
Waterproof Fixture Siftos+
3 Models Available: High Performance | Efficiency | T8 Aluminium
Merry Christmas+
Brilumen wishes you a Merry Christmas with exceptional discounts!
Oris 50mm+
Linear LED Light | Oris Efficiency - High Performance - Trimless Fitting Accessory
Tinker Bell Mini Spot+
Thanks to its small size, with this mini spot it’s possible to create numerous designs on the ceiling/wall
Trimless Fitting Accessory+
Construct continuous, embedded and no-trims light lines up to 5,90 meters
Monet Downlight Trimless+
Aluminium light fitting without trims, easy to install and perfect to recess in false ceilings
Miró Square Downlight+
The downlight that all architects and designers should put in their projects
Profile with only 35mm wide, that allows you to mount light lines up to 3.09 meters without joining.
Linear LED Light Iris+
An elegant light fixture with a minimalist design that can be suspended horizontally or vertically
LED Profile ORIS High Performance+
Light lines up to 5.90 meters without joining and luminous flux up to 40,248 lm
New Product Catalogue+
Quality LED lighting solutions, combining modern design with the latest technology. V.1 2018
Track Lights+
Get the right luminous flux, an excellent colour temperature and a low UGR for any place
Emergency Lighting FOLLOW ME+
The solution that perfectly combines the functionality and the aesthetics like no other equivalent product
Savage 8W+
Last generation downlight with 5 years warranty, Philips LED and Tridonic driver
Industrial Lighting Fixture SIFTOS+
Brilumen presents its latest innovation 100% European and with 5 Years Warranty
Matrix 40W+
Known as the best LED panel on the market with a 5 Year Warranty and UGR lower than 19
LED Profiles +
Brilumen presents a LED profiles collection that will help you to create the desired environment.
Brilumen's Outdoor Lighting+
Outdoor lighting fixtures made of a noble aluminium alloy or 316 steel
Brilumen introduces the Innovative TYSON+
Powerful, efficient and versatile Long-range LED floodlights up to 1000W. Unique on the market.
IRIS | Linear LED Light+
Elegant and perfect linear LED light with a minimalist design
Downlight with 5 Year Warranty and CRI higher than 85