Retrofit - modernization of an obsolete system

The term retrofit, a combination of the word retro with fit, applied to lighting, is the modernization of an obsolete system, replacing the equipment by other with more advanced and efficient technologies, without changing the existing infrastructure.
The luminaires remodeling, when its light sources are replaced for equivalents, but with more advanced technology, allows you to introduce lower wattages, without reducing luminous flux, and light intensity regulation systems. These changes lead to a short / medium investment return through energy and resource savings as well as the improvement of ambient lighting and visual comfort.
Depending on the project and with a large know-how in performing retrofit of different areas, Brilumen’s technical department studies and develops suitable solutions for each room by replacing the light source of each light fitting with quality LED technology. However, the luminaire technology replacement may not be the best solution, mostly if the existing infrastructure is unstable and too obsolete. In this case, the project development based on a lighting project is recommended.