Human Centric Lighting

The day is gaining more and more rhythm with the passing hours and the increasing of light intensity. But it is with the first light of day that you gain the first impulse for everything that comes next.

And this is how the circadian cycle begins (a kind of biological clock), much influenced by natural or artificial light. Lighting has a very important relationship with your good disposition and well-being, most of the time without even you noticing it. If the light is not appropriate, it can cause a deregulation of the cycle, which can have consequences as hormonal changes or sleep perturbations.

As the day progresses, the light is defining the spaces and gives character to each area, which has its own individual function. When you arrive at your working place, you must have an appropriate light, strong enough to stimulate concentration, vitality and performance, but equally comfortable, to make you feel good. With Smart Lighting, you can control the brightness of your home in every area through your mobile device. In this way, you can receive information in real time about the state of the installation and its energy consumption. The paradigm has changed: the lighting is no longer made first for the place, it is now focused on the human and its well-being. This is how the Human Centric Lighting concept emerges.

When you go back home, you have a comfortable place waiting for you, with a light that fits your needs. Smart Lighting respects your rhythm and allows you to adjust the intensity and temperature of the light so that your day ends in a relaxed way. At dusk, with the sunset and an artificial light becoming automatically warmer, your body prepares itself for the arrival of the night, for the sleep and necessary regeneration.

This is how a cycle is completed, natural and happy.

Human Performance throughout the day.

Influence of daylight on the human body.


In SMART LIGHTING, there are 3 different levels of Smart Lighting control:

At the lowest level, we can only integrate presence and brightness sensors into "stand-alone" luminaires (only for Oris and Siftos range). These allow to reduce the power and luminous flux due to the presence or not of people inside the place and the luminosity of the place (Corridor Function). With the “Corridor Function”, the luminous flux decreases gradually until reaching 10% of its nominal flow, and when it detects a person, the lighting fixture returns to 100% instantaneously. This system allows considerable additional energy savings and a quick return on investment.


At an intermediate level, we can use a BASIC Smart Wireless module integrated in each luminaire. The device allows switching on or off the lighting, regulating the luminous flux, or regulating the colour temperature. A brightness or motion sensor can be added to the lighting fixture. The regulation of the fixtures can be done in three ways: through a wireless wall remote control, with a Touch panel installed on the wall, or through an application on the phone or tablet.


FULL Smart is a more complete system that allows you to program and control the lighting fixtures remotely, from the other side of the world, thanks to an Internet-based Gateway, designed for buildings with a more advanced lighting system. This system allows to detect failures in damaged fixtures in the building. Some diagnostic and maintenance operations can be performed through the FULL Smart system. It is possible to program the behaviour of the system, including daylight parameters of the own localization where it is installed, such as sunrise / sunset, and automatically schedule times for each day of the year using an astronomical clock. With FULL Smart, we can integrate various actuators in the system such as push buttons, motion or brightness sensors, all controlled remotely through your mobile device.



With the integration of Tunable White LED PCB in our products, it is also possible to program the automatic regulation of the light’s colour temperature throughout the day, influencing the circadian cycle of the people, with great benefits for your health.

Variations of light colour temperature and light intensity (lux) throughout the day.



With the new Tunable White technology, a decrease of the current and therefore of the luminous flux at the same time, does not imply a change of the colour temperature, as it happened in the previous technology.


It is possible to develop SMART LIGHTING solutions to all Brilumen lighting fixtures that allow the regulation of luminous flux through the DALI protocol.

The lighting modernization of your project is not only about the use of LED technology, but it is also about a biologically effective lighting. Brilumen's Smart Lighting system offers similar lighting to natural sunlight, indoors, where we spend about 90% of the time. Do not abdicate to the benefits of natural light, install it within your projects!

The Brilumen team is at your service to help you implement the Smart Lighting system in your project, so you can invest in a healthier and more promising, efficient future.


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