Iris Linear LED Light 360º

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Iris tubular light, with new lengths from 900mm to 1500mm, is an elegant light fixture with a minimalist design, composed by opal polycarbonate tube and textured white aluminium ends, which form a perfect linear LED light. We integrate OSRAM LED with a high level of luminous efficiency, up to 190lm/W. With a CRI higher than 80 and a 360° beam angle, Iris is suitable for any indoor area, lighting up effectively the space through a beautiful, uniform, pleasant and linear light.
This light fixture has a 5 Year Warranty, is available on the colour temperatures 3000K or 4000K and in ON/OFF or DALI versions.


Please, choose the mounting option according to the regulation type / length in next table.

CRI: >80
Luminous efficiency: 190lm/W
Beam angle: 360°
Led type: SMD
Voltage: 230V
Ingress Protection Index: IP40
Insulation Class: I
Regulation mode: ON/OFF; Dimável 0-10V; DALI;
Diameter: 50 mm
Length: 1225 mm

Luminaire with 5 Year Warranty

Product code Wattage CRI Beam angle Length CCT
164H.80.360.09.30.TW24W>80360°926 mm3000K
164H.80.360.09.40.TW24W>80360°926 mm4000K
164H.80.360.12.30.TW32W>80360°1225 mm3000K
164H.80.360.12.40.TW32W>80360°1225 mm4000K
164H.80.360.15.30.TW40W>80360°1524 mm3000K
164H.80.360.15.40.TW40W>80360°1524 mm4000K
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