Oris Plus High Performance Suspended 48W CRI+80 90º IP40 5Y 1130mm

Oris+ HP suspended
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ORIS Plus High Performance is a solution that can be used to illuminate large spaces, in continuous lines up to 15 m, such as supermarkets, large retail stores and even industrial environments. It is possible to add emergency kit with up to 3 hours autonomy. In this version, high efficiency is also highlighted, with LEDs up to 184lm/W and 46.781lm in a single linear profile of 5900mm. Smart Lighting options with motion and brightness sensors are also available.

CRI: >80
Voltage: 230V
Ingress Protection Index: IP40
Insulation Class: I
Regulation mode: ON/OFF
Length: 1130 mm
Width: 53,4 mm
Height: 73 mm

Luminaire with 5 Year Warranty

Product code Length Wattage CRI Beam angle CCT Regulation mode
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