Sotis Surface

Sotis 35mm Surface Mounted LED Profile

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A space only reveals its true charm with the right lighting. Being aware of this reality, Brilumen presents a LED profiles collection with a 5 Year Warranty, that will help you to create the desired environment. With different wattages, dimensions and mounting types, these profiles can be applied in numerous locations, such as stores, cinemas, museums, galleries, hotels, restaurants, meeting rooms, offices, lounges, etc.

CRI: >80
Luminous Flux: 4 131 lm
Luminous efficiency: 130 lm/W
Beam angle: 90º
Voltage: 230V
Ingress Protection Index: IP40
Insulation Class: I
Regulation mode: ON/OFF
Length: 1130 mm

Luminaire with 5 Year Warranty

Product code Wattage CRI Beam angle Length CCT Regulation mode>8090º3090 mm3000KON/OFF>8090º3090 mm3000KON/OFF>8090º3090 mm3000KON/OFF>8090º3090 mm4000KON/OFF>8090º3090 mm4000KON/OFF>8090º3090 mm4000KON/OFF>8090º1130 mmON/OFF>8090º1130 mmON/OFF>8090º1130 mmON/OFF>8090º1130 mmON/OFF>8090º1130 mmON/OFF>8090º1130 mmON/OFF>8090º1410 mm3000KON/OFF>8090º1410 mm3000KON/OFF>8090º1410 mm3000KON/OFF>8090º1410 mm4000KON/OFF>8090º1410 mm4000KON/OFF>8090º1410 mm4000KON/OFF>8090º1690 mm3000KON/OFF>8090º1690 mm3000KON/OFF>8090º1690 mm3000KON/OFF>8090º1690 mm4000KON/OFF>8090º1690 mm4000KON/OFF>8090º1690 mm4000KON/OFF>8090º1970 mm3000KON/OFF>8090º1970 mm3000KON/OFF>8090º1970 mm3000KON/OFF>8090º1970 mm4000KON/OFF>8090º1970 mm4000KON/OFF>8090º1970 mm4000KON/OFF>8090º2250 mm3000KON/OFF>8090º2250 mm3000KON/OFF>8090º2250 mm3000KON/OFF>8090º2250 mm4000KON/OFF>8090º2250 mm4000KON/OFF>8090º2250 mm4000KON/OFF>8090º2530 mm3000KON/OFF>8090º2530 mm3000KON/OFF>8090º2530 mm3000KON/OFF>8090º2530 mm4000KON/OFF>8090º2530 mm4000KON/OFF>8090º2530 mm4000KON/OFF>8090º2810 mm3000KON/OFF>8090º2810 mm3000KON/OFF>8090º2810 mm3000KON/OFF>8090º2810 mm4000KON/OFF>8090º2810 mm4000KON/OFF>8090º2810 mm4000KON/OFF
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