Indoor > Olympia: a touch of heaven in your space.

Olympia: a touch of heaven in your space.

Health Clinic in Switzerland

There is something ethereal in our luminaire Olympia that makes us feel more calm and relaxed…


Brilumen has had the pleasure to deliver what we consider to be the most suitable luminaire for a clinic in Switzerland. 


Our Olympia model definitely turned out to be the best solution for this space. It was indeed a pleasure to send such an elegant luminaire and thus contribute to create a cozy, relaxed and intimate ambiance for the patients of this clinic. 


With a 5 Year Warranty, Olympia was designed and inspired to deliver an ambient light with a seamless profile. It includes an internal driver and is available in different wattages, diameters and mounting types. 

What makes Olympia special is also its versatility. 


This refined luminaire can be easily applied in numerous locations, such as stores, cinemas, museums, galleries, hotels, restaurants, meeting rooms, offices, lounges, etc.


Present us with new challenges, we are ready!