Caroline 10W - 145mm

Caroline 10W - 145mm
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The new range of CAROLINE luminaires, with models that go from 10W to 30W, has a CRI higher than 80, respecting the objects original colours. With a white finish and an easy and quick mounting way, CAROLINE range is presented as a quality solution when replacing downlights with traditional light sources or already outdated LED technology. Depending on the wattage, these light fittings may have between 1.200 and 3.438 lumens and a 60° or 90º beam angle, technical features suitable for lighting commercial spaces, such as apparel stores, art galleries, libraries, restaurants, coffee shops, supermarkets, etc. These luminaires are available in colour temperatures 3000K and 4000K, are compatible with emergency kit and have a 5 Year Warranty.

CRI: >80
Led type: SMD
Voltage: 230V
Ingress Protection Index: IP20
Insulation Class: III
Regulation options: ON/OFF
Regulation mode: ON/OFF
Diameter: 170 mm
Height: 120 mm

Luminaire with 5 Year Warranty

Product code Wattage CRI Beam angle CCT
375. 10W CRI+80 60º IP20 5Y 145mm 3000K
 15 W>8060°3000K
375. 10W CRI+80 60º IP20 5Y 145mm 4000K
 15 W>8060°4000K
375. 10W CRI+80 90º IP20 5Y 145mm 3000K
 15 W>8090°3000K
375. 10W CRI+80 90º IP20 5Y 145mm 4000K
 15 W>8090°4000K