Lory 12W

Track Light Lory 12W

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Brilumen is specialize in technical lighting, suitable for stores, supermarkets, shopping centres, art galleries, museums, restaurants, etc. In these places, lighting the product or areas correctly is fundamental to highlight all the details and get the customers attention. The Brilumen track lights are the ideal solution for highlighting products in any location. With this light fitting range, you can get the right luminous flux, an excellent colour temperature and a low UGR, maintaining controlled, the visual comfort, room temperature and energy costs. In addition, these track lights have an 80 or 95 CRI and are adjustable, allowing not only to adjust them whenever the place is changed, making it more dynamic, but also to easily guide the customers. The Brilumen track lights have already been used in countless lighting projects, such as commercial areas, museums, car dealerships, exhibitors in trade shows, etc.

CRI: >80
Luminous Flux: 1050 lm
Voltage: 230V
Ingress Protection Index: IP40
Insulation Class: I
Regulation options: ON/OFF
Regulation mode: ON/OFF
Diameter: 60 mm
Height: 138 mm

Product code Wattage CRI Beam angle CCT Regulation mode
442.80.24.27.TB12 W>8024º2700KON/OFF
442.80.24.27.TW12 W>8024º2700KON/OFF
442.80.24.30.TB12 W>8024º3000KON/OFF
442.80.24.30.TW12 W>8024º3000KON/OFF
442.80.24.40.TB12 W>8024º4000KON/OFF
442.80.24.40.TW12 W>8024º4000KON/OFF
442.80.38.27.TB12 W>8038º2700KON/OFF
442.80.38.27.TW12 W>8038º2700KON/OFF
442.80.38.30.TB12 W>8038º3000KON/OFF
442.80.38.30.TW12 W>8038º3000KON/OFF
442.80.38.40.TB12 W>8038º4000KON/OFF
442.80.38.40.TW12 W>8038º4000KON/OFF