Oris 50mm Trimless Mounted Prismatic

Oris 50mm Trim. Prismatic
85 90 50
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A space only reveals its true charm with the right lighting. Being aware of this reality, Brilumen presents a LED profiles collection with a 5 Year Warranty, that will help you to create the desired environment. With different wattages, dimensions and mounting types, these profiles can be applied in numerous locations, such as stores, cinemas, museums, galleries, hotels, restaurants, meeting rooms, offices, lounges, etc. With Oris 50mm it’s possible to mount light lines up to 5,05 meters without joining, with or without trims, add emergency kits with 1 or 3 hours of autonomy and choose white, black or aluminium as finishing colour. The LED profiles can also be configured in ON-OFF, Dimming 0-10VDC or with the advanced DALI PUSH DIM. Brilumen has also available the IES and LDT files for DIALux projects, providing technical assistance during the lighting project.

POWER SUPPLY    220-230V / 50-60 Hz


Plaster KIT 4 a 5 cm Product code
Plaster KIT 4 a 5 cm 4 - 5cm 80303058

Plaster KIT 0,7 a 2 cm Product code
Plaster KIT 0,7 a 2 cm 0.7 - 2.1cm 80303059