SMD2835 24W 120LED
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NOTE: The price listed below is for 1 meter.
The item is sold in 5 meters reel, so the minimum order is 5 meters.
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Brilumen’s Professional LED Strip is the brand’s star and it stands out for its reliability, versatility and light quality, being considered the best LED strip on the market. With different wattages, luminous fluxes and widths, this 24V LED strip is available in the colour temperature from 2500K to 6500K, can have 30, 60, 120, 160 and 280 LED and a CRI higher than 80. The new Professional Strip with 120 LED/m stands out from the others strips for having 24W per meter and a large amount of LED, technical features that allows to build perfect light lines and with a higher luminous flux, up to 1900 lumens per meter. The 120 LED strip is available in the colour temperatures 2700K to 6500K and is extremely versatile, because it allows to cut the strip every 5 centimetres, without reducing the product’s benefits. Due to the double-sided adhesive tape on the back, this product, besides being quite flexible, is easy to install and, depending on the model, is available with IP20 or IP67. To extend its operating cycle, it is recommended to install this LED strip in the right aluminium profile. When used properly, this high-quality LED strip for professional use, can be turned on 24 hours a day for 3 years without losing its features, and is highly recommended in numerous projects such as hotels, restaurants, shops, residences, etc. If the goal is to install a reliable, quality and easy to install product, Brilumen’s Professional LED strip is undoubtedly the perfect choice.

POWER SUPPLY    24V / 50-60 Hz
WARRANTY    5 Years


Product code
2002-136.80.27Professional Strip 120 LED SMD2835 24W/m 24VDC IP20 CRI>80 5M/Roll 2700K
2002-136.80.30Professional Strip 120 LED SMD2835 24W/m 24VDC IP20 CRI>80 5M/Roll 3000K
2002-136.80.42Professional Strip 120 LED SMD2835 24W/m 24VDC IP20 CRI>80 5M/Roll 4200K
2002-136.80.65Professional Strip 120 LED SMD2835 24W/m 24VDC IP20 CRI>80 5M/Roll 6500K
Trix aluminium profile Product code

IP20 LED Strip Connector Product code

Connector w/ binder 15cm Product code

Double c/t w/ binder Product code

L connector Product code

12,5 mm Connector Product code

NP17 aluminium profile Product code
NP17 aluminium profile SEM TITULO - G810-2026

FP02 Edging Tile Profile Product code
FP02 Edging Tile Profile SEM TITULO - G810-2034

OP15 aluminium profile Product code
OP15 aluminium profile SEM TITULO - G810-2062

OP23 Corner Profile Product code
OP23 Corner Profile SEM TITULO - G810-4052

NP19 Corner Profile Product code
NP19 Corner Profile SEM TITULO - G810-5044

LP05 aluminium profile Product code
LP05 aluminium profile SEM TITULO - G810-5201

LP03 Recessed Profile Product code
LP03 Recessed Profile SEM TITULO - G810-6032

LP06 aluminium profile Product code
LP06 aluminium profile SEM TITULO - G810-6062

LP08 Recessed Profile Product code
LP08 Recessed Profile SEM TITULO - G810-6082

LP10 aluminium profile Product code
LP10 aluminium profile SEM TITULO - G810-7012

NP04 aluminium profile Product code
NP04 aluminium profile SEM TITULO - G820-1012

NP06 aluminium profile Product code
NP06 aluminium profile SEM TITULO - G830-1017

NP07 Recessed Profile Product code
NP07 Recessed Profile SEM TITULO - G830-5015