LP10 anodised aluminium profile - 2000mm x 16,8mm x 12,97mm

LP10 aluminium profile
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The LP10 LED SURFACE Profile has a narrow and flat design and is designed as a universal cable duct for LP - NP - OP series aluminium profiles. The LP10 LED SURFACE Profile is connected via a click in system to stand-alone linear LED lighting systems.

G810-7012LP10 construction profile 2000mm AL for LP/NP/OP profiles
 2000Anodized aluminiumN/A
Z02 - Mounting Clip Product code
Z02 - Mounting Clip . G810-4050

LP05 aluminium profile Product code
LP05 aluminium profile SEM TITULO - G810-5201

LP03 Recessed Profile Product code
LP03 Recessed Profile SEM TITULO - G810-6032

Z01 - Mounting Clip Product code
Z01 - Mounting Clip . G810-6210

NP17 aluminium profile Product code
NP17 aluminium profile SEM TITULO - G810-2026

LP06 aluminium profile Product code
LP06 aluminium profile SEM TITULO - G810-6062

LP08 Recessed Profile Product code
LP08 Recessed Profile SEM TITULO - G810-6082

NP04 aluminium profile Product code
NP04 aluminium profile SEM TITULO - G820-1012

NP06 aluminium profile Product code
NP06 aluminium profile SEM TITULO - G830-1017

NP07 Recessed Profile Product code
NP07 Recessed Profile SEM TITULO - G830-5015