RGBW SMD5050 14,4W 60 LED IP65

2002-1111 RGBW 14,4W
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The item is sold in 5 meters reel, so the minimum order is 5 meters.
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The light is not limited to warm or cold white. In some places, other colours may be required to create the desired environment. Being aware of this possibility, Brilumen presents the RGBW LED Strip, which with the right controller, allows you to switch between red, green, blue and white colours and to adjust the luminous intensity. This LED strip with 14.4W/m and 12V DC is quick to apply because of the double-sided adhesive tape on the back, often being used in different types of projects due to their reliability, flexibility and a high ingress protection rating - IP65. Set your imagination free and create numerous designs without forgetting that you can change the ambiance colour whenever it is necessary.

POWER SUPPLY    12V / 50-60 Hz


Product code
2002-1111Fita LED Flex IP65 5M/Rolo 12V 5050 60 LEDs 14.4W RGBW
2002-1111Fita LED Flex IP65 5M/Rolo 12V 5050 60 LEDs 14.4W RGBW
Trix aluminium profile Product code

IP20 LED Strip Connector Product code

Connector w/ binder 15cm Product code

Double c/t w/ binder Product code

L connector Product code

12,5 mm Connector Product code

FP02 Edging Tile Profile Product code
FP02 Edging Tile Profile SEM TITULO - G810-2034

OP23 Corner Profile Product code
OP23 Corner Profile SEM TITULO - G810-4052

LP05 aluminium profile Product code
LP05 aluminium profile SEM TITULO - G810-5201

LP03 Recessed Profile Product code
LP03 Recessed Profile SEM TITULO - G810-6032

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NP17 aluminium profile SEM TITULO - G810-2026

OP15 aluminium profile Product code
OP15 aluminium profile SEM TITULO - G810-2062

LP06 aluminium profile Product code
LP06 aluminium profile SEM TITULO - G810-6062

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LP08 Recessed Profile SEM TITULO - G810-6082

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LP10 aluminium profile SEM TITULO - G810-7012

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NP04 aluminium profile SEM TITULO - G820-1012

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NP06 aluminium profile SEM TITULO - G830-1017

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NP07 Recessed Profile SEM TITULO - G830-5015