Rodin 10W

Rodin Downlight 10W

This 10W downlight has a textured white or black finish, that reveals its excellent quality and solidness through touch, like if it was sculpted by the famous Auguste Rodin himself. Due to its LED chip having a CRI higher 90, the light emitted shows the true colour of the objects. The 5-year Warranty makes Rodin a long-term bet and depending on their colour temperature and beam angle, its lumens may vary between 750 lm and 825 lm.

CRI: >90
Ingress Protection Index: IP54
Insulation Class: III
Regulation options: ON/OFF
Regulation mode: ON/OFF
Height: 83 mm
Hole: 47 mm

Luminaire with 5 Year Warranty

Product code Wattage CRI Beam angle CCT Regulation mode
325.90.36.30.TB10 W>9036º3000KON/OFF
325.90.36.30.TW10 W>9036º3000KON/OFF
325.90.36.40.TB10 W>9036º4000KON/OFF
325.90.36.40.TW10 W>9036º4000KON/OFF
325.90.60.30.TB10 W>9060º3000KON/OFF
325.90.60.30.TW10 W>9060º3000KON/OFF
325.90.60.40.TB10 W>9060º4000KON/OFF
325.90.60.40.TW10 W>9060º4000KON/OFF