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During the day, at work or at home, the activities we carry out may vary, requiring constant regulation of our attention span. There are several ways to make this adaptation easier and one of them is the room colour temperature regulation while you are performing the different tasks. With the Tunable White LED Strip and the right controller, you can control this factor. If you are looking for a relaxed environment that promotes creativity or relaxation, you can set the temperature to warm colours, up to 3000K. However, if you want to start a task that requires full concentration or the physical activity increase, the temperature of this LED strip can be set to cool colours, up to 6500K. In addition, using the DALI protocol, the Tunable White LED strip can be configured to automatically change the light intensity and colour temperature throughout the day, to properly adapt the human body to the light variations, and to provide hours of rest with a higher quality. This special LED Strip with 14.4W/m and 560 lumens/ meter is an important tool for work or domestic activity, it is very reliable, flexible and easy to install. You can also put LED strip inside an aluminium profile, to further extend its operating cycle.