BT1 Suspended/Surface mounted Magnetic Track 48V

BT1 Magnetic Track
79 80 90
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48V magnetic tracks are available in surface mounted, suspended and recessed versions. In the surface-mounted version, we have options BT1 and BT2; In the suspended version, the available options are BT1, BT2 and TK9; In the recessed version, only the Trimless tracks TK3 and TK5 are available. The TK9 track allows direct and indirect lighting D/I (UP + DOWN).

MOUNTING TYPE    Suspension/Surface
WARRANTY    5 Years
FINISHING    Black, White
3080-0175.BLLow voltage black surface track BT1 1m BL
3080-0175.WHLow voltage surface track BT1 1m WH
3080-0176.BLLow voltage black surface track BT1 2m BL
3080-0176.WHLow voltage surface track BT1 2m
Suspension Bracket Product code
Suspension Bracket Black 3080-0179.BL
Suspension Bracket White 3080-0179.WH

End Cap Product code
End Cap Black 3080-0184.BL
End Cap SEM TITULO - RAW 3080-0184.RAW
End Cap White 3080-0184.WH

End Cap With Hole Product code
End Cap With Hole Black 3080-0185.BL
End Cap With Hole SEM TITULO - RAW 3080-0185.RAW
End Cap With Hole White 3080-0185.WH

Suspen. Junction Bracket Product code
Suspen. Junction Bracket Black 3080-0200.BL
Suspen. Junction Bracket White 3080-0200.WH

48V Short End - Feed Product code
48V Short End - Feed Black 3080-0216.BL
48V Short End-Feed White 3080-0216.WH

48V Jointing connector Product code
48V Jointing connector Black 3080-0217.BL
48V Jointing connector White 3080-0217.WH

Magnetic L-Feed Product code
Magnetic L-Feed Black 3080-0218.BL
Magnetic L-Feed White 3080-0218.WH

48V Adjustable Corner Product code
48V Adjustable Corner Black 3080-0219.BL
48V Adjustable Corner White 3080-0219.WH

Power Supply 240W / 480W Product code
Power Supply 240W . 30800225
Power Supply 480W . 30800226

Power Supply 350/500W Product code
Power Supply 350W . 30800227
Power Supply 500W . 30800228

Suspension Kit Product code
Suspension kit 1,5m (1un) Silver 80303017.SL
Suspension kit 3 m (1un) Silver 80303018.SL
Suspension kit 5 m (1un) Silver 80303019.SL

InteCasambi-DALI In-Track Product code
InteCasambi-DALI In-Track . 30800229

Ext. Casambi-DALI Interf Product code
Ext. Casambi-DALI Interf . 30800230

Push Button - DALI Product code
Push Button - DALI . 30800231

Interface 1/0-10V DALI Product code
Interface 1/0-10V DALI . 30800232

Power Supply 150W Product code
Power Supply 150W . TD28001045

Power Supply 75W Product code
Power Supply 75W . TD28001232