Dotterel Magnetic track light 48V

Dotterel Magnetic 48V
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DOTTEREL is one of the new products from Brilumen. With a differentiated design, this directional spotlight allows horizontal rotation of 355º and vertical rotation of 90º. DOTTEREL has a diameter of Ø116, it is made of aluminium and offers a textured finishing, just like the rest of the interior lighting range. DOTTEREL can be combined with KLEIN, MATISSE or RODIN downlights to create balanced atmospheres, thanks to the different luminous fluxes.


Product code COLOR TEMP.
BT1 Magnetic Track Product code
3080-0175.BL 3080-0175.WH 3080-0176.BL 3080-0176.WH

BT2 Magnetic Track Product code
3080-0177.BL 3080-0177.WH 3080-0178.BL 3080-0178.WH

TK3 Magnetic Track Product code
3080-0205.BL 3080-0205.WH 3080-0206.BL 3080-0206.WH

TK5 Magnetic Track Product code
3080-0250.BL 3080-0250.WH 3080-0251.BL 3080-0251.WH

TK9 Magnetic Track Product code
3080-0211.BL 3080-0211.WH 3080-0212.BL 3080-0212.WH