NP19 Corner anodised aluminium profile - 2000mm x 40,10mm - for LED Strip up to 20mm

NP19 Corner Profile
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NP19 Corner anodised aluminium profile - 2000mm x 40,10mm - for LED Strip up to 20mm

Brilumen's aluminium profiles are designed and produced from top quality raw materials on modern, fully automated, precision equipment to meet the strictest European quality criteria. These profiles combine the sophisticated functionality with timeless aesthetics and imbue every illuminated area with homogeneous light.

The individual system components are quickly and easily assembled with little effort using the click system and mounted in a right manner. The particular properties of these fracture-resistant profiles protect LED strips from mechanical impacts, dissipate heat, and integrate perfectly into any architectural feature. The nonflammable polycarbonate profile covers reduce light to control the unified glare rating (UGR).

Due to high product availability, these profiles can be supplied quickly, and distinguish themselves through their perfect light lines for homogeneous light quality, the guaranteed product quality at the best price-performance ratio and the intelligent product design and unique product compatibility, that allow an unlimited variety of designs.

These aluminium profiles can have customized sizes and are compatible with Brilumen's LED Strips.


Accessories not included:

- C16: Frosted diffuser 2000mm | code G860-0023
- C17: Frosted diffuser 2000mm | code G860-0024
- E52: Aluminium end cap (C16) | code G810-6075
- E55: Aluminium end cap (C17) | code G810-6077

G810-5046NP19 profile 2000mm AL
 2000Anodized aluminiumN/A
E52 - Aluminium End Cap Product code
E52 - Aluminium End Cap . G810-6075

E55 - Aluminium End Cap Product code
E55 - Aluminium End Cap . G810-6077

C16 - Diffuser Product code
C16 - Diffuser 2 Meters G860-0023

C17 - Diffuser Product code
C17 - Diffuser 2 Meters G860-0024

LP10 aluminium profile Product code
LP10 aluminium profile SEM TITULO - G810-7012