Suspended/Surface mounted Universal Track DALI 230V

230V Track DALI
79 80 90
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This kind of 5-circuit universal electrified track is available in surfaced-mounted, suspended and recessed versions in the ceiling. Suitable for DALI type dimming it's also possible to choose between white or black besides various connection accessories.

3080-0517.BL3 phases Suspended/Surface DALI track - 1 meter BL
 1000BlackDALI / Switch Dim
3080-0517.WHWhite Suspended / Surface mounted DALI track - 1 meter
 1000WhiteDALI / Switch Dim
3080-0518.BLBlack Suspended / Surface mounted DALI track - 2 meters
 2000BlackDALI / Switch Dim
3080-0518.WHWhite Suspended / Surface mounted DALI track - 2 meters
 2000WhiteDALI / Switch Dim
End Cap Product code
End Cap Black 3080-0502.BL
End Cap White 3080-0502.WH

1 Meter Blind Cover Product code
1 Meter Blind Cover Black 3080-0516.BL
1 Meter Blind Cover White 3080-0516.WH

Straight Coupler Product code
Straight Coupler Black 3080-0522.BL
Straight Coupler White 3080-0522.WH

Straight Coupler w/ feed Product code
Straight Coupler w/ feed Black 3080-0523.BL
Straight Coupler w/ feed White 3080-0523.WH

Flexible Coupler Product code
Flexible Coupler Black 3080-0526.BL
Flexible Coupler White 3080-0526.WH

X Coupler Product code
X Coupler Black 3080-0531.BL
X Coupler White 3080-0531.WH

Seamless Middle Feed Product code
Seamless Middle Feed Black 3080-0532.BL
Seamless Middle Feed White 3080-0532.WH

Suspension Kit - 1 Cable Product code

End Feed 230V DALI Product code
A - Earth Right Black 3080-0520.BL
A - Earth Right White 3080-0520.WH
B - Earth Left Black 3080-0521.BL
B - Earth Left White 3080-0521.WH

L Coupler Product code
A - Earth Outside Black 3080-0524.BL
A - Earth Outside White 3080-0524.WH
B - Earth Inside Black 3080-0525.BL
B - Earth Inside White 3080-0525.WH

T Coupler Inside Product code
A - Earth Inside Right Black 3080-0527.BL
A - Earth Inside Right White 3080-0527.WH
B - Earth Inside Left Black 3080-0528.BL
B - Earth Inside Left White 3080-0528.WH

T Coupler Outside Product code
C - Earth Outside Right Black 3080-0529.BL
C - Earth Outside Right White 3080-0529.WH
D - Earth Outside Left Black 3080-0530.BL
D - Earth Outside Left White 3080-0530.WH